Research methods for business students, managers and entrepreneurs

Published by the University of South Wales (USW), Research Methods for Business Students, Managers and Entrepreneurs

A media-rich, multi-touch iBooks textbook, which provides a foundation for research, both for academic study and for practical application in a business environment.

Video, audio and image gallery illustrations bring key concepts and examples to life, while a detailed case study runs through the book, following the experiences of a (fictional) student to see how she approaches the challenges and requirements that arise at the different stages of her research project. At selected points in the main text, a reflective activity is introduced to encourage the reader to consider or explore the aspect under discussion.

*Technical note: this book can be read on an iPad, or on an Apple computer running OS Mavericks or a later OS.*

This iBooks Textbook is equivalent to a full module of study at Masters’ Level (UK) and is the result of collaboration between a wide range of academic and professional staff of the University of South Wales. The book’s video animations can also be downloaded from South Wales on iTunes U.

Chapter list:

1. What is research?
2. Choosing a topic and aim
3. Approaches to research [deductive/inductive processes, research strategies]
4. The literature review
5. General research considerations [sampling techniques, validity, confidentiality]
6. Methods of data collection [constraints, collecting data, pilot studies]
7. Data collection: questionnaires
8. Data collection: interviews [planning, forms of interaction]
9. Data collection: observation [role of the researcher, recording observations, structured observation]
10. Action research [characteristics and models]
11. Qualitative analysis [data analysis, strategies, grounded theory, validity, reliability]
12. Quantitative analysis [analysing data, descriptive statistics]
13. Writing up your research report [telling your story, structure of the report]
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